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long since dead: OOC: Been meaning to post this for a few days. 


I have a secondary account for Logan, who has a more badass username that I am jealous of.

I sincerely apologize for seeming like a dick 24-7, but that’s to be expected of Logan. I also want to note that I’m completely fine with people approaching me/Logan to chat, but he’s going to be a dick…

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Well hey there, Sugah! 


“You mean what’re we doin’?” She felt a jolt of excitement and cold as she felt his hands on her thighs and the metal of the table. She looked up at him with an evil grin as she started to undress herself. She let everything hang out, she didn’t care. “At the moment, I can handle whatever you want to throw at me… Or do to me.” She pulled Logan down into a passionate kiss with one arm, her other working at undoing his belt.

Logan chuckled, low and deep. He had some serious doubts that she could “handle anything he threw at her”. Marie had a habit of acting all mature, but he felt like it was a big show. He didn’t dwell on that, though, because it didn’t make him feel too crash hot about the thighs he was currently standing between. With a small tug, he removed her busy hands from his belt. “You’ll break it.” He smirked, undoing the belt and tossing it to the side. His hands found their way to her sides, tugging at the shirt she was wearing. He tried to be gentle, but there was a soft ripping sound. Well, not like it mattered.

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It was Rogue’s turn to crack up, crossing her arms across her chest, “Uh, nice try, Logan. Ah got farther than that with my first boyfriend.” Albeit, he ended up in a coma and died, but that was an unnecessary detail. She smirked back at him, eyes sparkling with laughter. “And how would you know, anyway?”

Logan wasn’t sure how you went about explaining a darker aspect of his power. Not evil, or forbidden, just dark. The stuff you didn’t think about, the primal shit he didn’t want to acknowledge in polite company. He reached into the fridge for another beer, cracking it open with the bottle opener on the door. “You don’t smell marked.” He shrugged, sipping his beer with a serious expression. “And you don’t smell like - like - it’s hard to explain, all right?” He shook his head. It wasn’t something he could explain. Basically, his senses told him she was untouched, a virgin.

Not that he needed senses to tell him that; she was the untouchable, for god’s sake. He felt all the more creepy for being able to guess that, but he was so used to it, it wasn’t a surprise to him. It was just Marie, and he was Logan. They were family. He didn’t need to know. “Done with that topic, all right?”

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She frowned slightly, “Ah don’t think that’s how y’wanted to word that, Logan.” None the less, he had a point. Beating Bobby into a slushie could feel pretty good right about now. She rubbed her neck, glancing at the gloves on the counter and picking them up, quickly slipping them onto her hands.

"Maybe. And, Logan? Ah’ve never even…what were ya’ll gonna say?" Rogue smirked playfully. That one was not going to be dropped easily.

He tried to think his sentence though before shaking his head. It’d made more sense in his head, he presumed. Didn’t matter, she got the point. It seemed like she agreed. Even if she didn’t act upon it, it might have been a bit of fun for her. She looked like she needed it. Logan continued to throw back the beer, his eyes still trained on her. “Never even held hands with a guy.” His smile was predatory, amused. 

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She nodded through his little explosion, a smirk on her thin lips. “Yeah, that’s…basically what Ah said.” It was a relief to know that a) Logan was on her side with this one and b) he knew the definition of ‘easy’. “Well, Ah ain’t gonna hit him. Ain’t worth my time…’sides, it’d make it look like it’s true. So, Ahm just gonna hide until it dies down.”

Logan frowned, not sure how to say what he was thinking. “I’m pretty sure you’ve never even - y’know, not the point. Don’t need to know.” He shook his head, eyes closed tightly. He returned to staring at her a few moments later. “Ignore him if you think it’ll help. Just think about it. Either y’back down, or you go kick the shit out of him. Or just use your power. Show him how much you can feel things.”

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She quirked her eyebrow, then laughed. “Nnno. A rock as in…they think Ah don’ feel anythin’. And that ain’t what he called me, Logan.” Well, at the very least, he’d made her smile. “No, the guys were callin’ me…easy.” She paused to inspect his face, making sure he understood the “lingo”.

Logan instantly burst out laughing, the beer landing hard on the counter as he steadied himself. “What the fu - seriously?” He cut himself off, trying to remember swearing shouldn’t be happening while he was at the school. It wasn’t going so well. “You? Easy? Him callin’ you easy is like him calling me a damn prima ballerina. Not only is it a lie, it’s a lie that’s gonna get him punched.” Logan coughed, scrubbing his mouth with his palm. “… You? Even without the whole skin issue, you don’t have the same scent as easy girls. He’s just pissed ‘cause all he probably froze his own cock off.”

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Try as she might, she couldn’t resist quirking a smile at that. With a sigh, she started, “Some a’ the guys started sayin’ stupid shit. Ah mean, it’s no big deal, but…they think Ahm a rock. It still hurts.”

She cracked her knuckles, then clenched her hands together tightly, “It’s all ‘cause of this stupid guy Ah met, who started spreadin’ these dumb rumours and then Bobby decided he was gonna tell the kids…” She looked up at him, “And sadly, Ah can’t seem t’solve this problem by hitting things.”

Logan had no idea what she meant by a rock - like - what? "Lingo in this fucking generation…" he mumbled very quietly. “What’s a rock? Like, you’re fat? ‘Cause you’re not.” He sipped at his beer, trying his damnedest to work out the insult. But, he failed, and just kept a firm stare directed at Rogue. He wanted to get to the bottom of this, if he could. This was obviously upsetting her, and Bobby had done wrong by her. Whatever he had done. 

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She looked up at him, for a moment considering it. She could just explode, tell him everything, have him criticize her, call her a child and walk off again. OR, she figured, she could keep her mouth shut and avoid the awkward conversation and make up some bullshit.

"Ah just…ain’t in the mood to deal with’em." She set her chin in her hand, leaning against the counter. Wow, that was convincing.

Logan blinked a few more times before cracking open the beer. They had ‘Logan’ scrawled on them with a marker, after some kid got smart and stole a few. The marker didn’t stop them; the fear he’d catch them did. “I’m gonna ask once more, and if you don’t fess up I’m officially not gonna care.” he leant his hip against the counter, taking the weight off his ankle. It might’ve been sprained or broken; it’d heal in half an hour or so. Hurt like a bitch though.

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It was always weird when he read her mind like that. “Can’t. Ah quit.” She closed the lighter and tossed it into one of the drawers, next to the candles kept for emergencies. “Not as in some teen-drama-“Ah-give-up” sense, Ah mean Ah quit smokin’.” She watched him rattle through the fridge, finishing up the last of her glass of coke as he spoke.

"Nah. It’s…been a long day. Ah’ve been avoidin’ most a’ the students." She set the glass down, running a hand through her hair, "Good workout?"
She took a guess. He smelled like sweat and seemed to be worked up. Not that that meant a whole lot. 

Logan watched Rogue as she chewed out her words through that southern drawl, trying to justify herself. It wasn’t hard to pick the bullshit out from all the heavy vowels. “Probably a good thing.” He couldn’t defend smoking, ‘cause it did kill, but he lucked out in that regard. At least he thought he did, anyway.

When she asked if he’d had a good workout he grinned, running his hand across his forehead. “You know it, doll.” A dark chuckle rolled out of his mouth as he finished his sandwich, brushing the crumbs off the table. “Why’re you avoidin’ people? Somethin’ the matter?”

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